Monday, September 28, 2009


Last night Gerry came out to have dinner with all of us and then we all went out back for smores. It was fun and I had forgotten how lovely smores can be. A nice reward for being so good about our new diet change.
Today we found the perfect wedding dress for Casey. It absolutely fit like it was made for her. It was exactly what she had described. It called out to her and it was amazing to see it on her. That is one huge step we have taken.
Took Elissa home and visited with Jessica and the kids for a while. They are really making the house look amazing. You can see how much work they have done in this short time just to get it presentable. The red walls are now painted a toupe and it opened the house so much. It makes it look so beautiful. This house was built in 1921 and it has that old Phoenix look to it that is unmistakable. Flat roof, sand colored brick exterior, hard wood floor and huge airy rooms. I will take the camera next time and show it off. I think if they keep it up it will be invited to be a showcase in the historic district.
The children are settled and seem to love having their own spaces. I had hoped to see Ellis today but we spent too much time at the store looking at dresses and uniforms for the kids to wear to school. I was happy to find one pair for Elissa, Milasia and Cody. I still have to find something for Lexi. She is growing like a weed.
Now we are looking at tiera's for Casey's veil and invitations. It is alot of work for one day but Happily we have the minister and the dress these are 2 huge milestones.
Raevyndaun is trying to push up into a sitting position now. She twists her little bum when she is on her knees and will probably be sitting up in a few more days. It sounds like she says hi when you see her for the first time.
Cheryl is on a train to Vienna right now having just left Budapest. She said Hungary is beautiful and she is having a dream of a time. I hope she and Bruce and Jenna have a wonderful trip. What an adventure. Maybe next trip I will pull the little sister card and ask to tag along :) Just Maybe...
Beau has been working on his agility training with me. He is now able to jump over a trash can in the back yard, but only if he is on a leash. He is totally in training mode. I believe I told this before, but it is worth mentioning again because he looks so beautiful when he does it. once I have him trained I will pass along pictures of him in the air.
Well I will try to sleep and try to go into work tomorrow. I have missed so much and I feel so guilty about that. This feeling is just hard to handle all day and looking like I have seen a ghost is not acceptable in an office environment. Surely he can get this fixed soon. Surely he can.
Well Monday is looming and I hope it is a good one for everyone. I hope we can all get up and face the day like a trooper. I am going to try, that's for sure.

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