Sunday, September 20, 2009

Planting and wanted to update.   I just got back with 2 red tip photinia shrubs and 2 massive plantings of Portulaca and 1 container of my much missed Liriope Silver Dragon ( looks like monkey grass). While I was at Ellis' I got 2 cuttings from some cactus and now I am researching how to best plant them and have them survuve and thrive.
So once I cool down I am going to go finish planting them and then I will hopefully get a nice picture.  I am so ready to move outside for the next 2 seasons. I have more on my wish list but for only an $11.00 investment I am well on my way.

Went to Ellis' house and wow the changes he has made already.  He has gotten the Living room and Dining room painted a very nice sandy taupe. This painting job made those wall open right up.  I am not sure what color drapes she wants to get  but maybe she can find some nice colorful ones that will really pop in that room. His room is a nice blue and it looks so wonderful.  The entire house needed painting and they have done an excellent job on it.
Cody spent the night. I think he only comes over to play World of Warcraft. He is obsessed with making new characters more than actually playing.

Work is creeping up on me.. I am hoping for a great and calm week. If it can't be calm let it be entertaining.

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  1. I am looking forwards to seeing your beautiful garden. You are a very busy lady. love Dad