The wedding was awesome. More than I imagined it to be.  Casey was beautiful and Kenn looked great. The Arizona Scream Park owners were amazingly nice and gracious to the entire wedding party and guests.

With all the children dressed in their Wedding gear they had their hair done for the occasion and their makeup. Thanks to DeAnna Jurek and she did such an amazing job on everyone. She did Casey's hair first and she took it to the side in a manner that really complimented her face.  Then she took care of the girls makeup and she made each one unique and they really liked the final product.
I have to admit she even made me look presentable.

We arrived right at 5:00 and secured Casey away so that Kenn couldn't see her before the ceremony. Gerry was taking pictures of Kenn and Cody and then he started in on the girls.

We wandered up to the wedding area and met with the owners of the Park and they had each child where they needed to be for the walk. Hillery Brian Reyes and Darrell from the Credit union were there and how awesome that they made the trip up to witness the wedding.  What great friends they are to me and this family.

Sue Springer was there to officiate the ceremony and she looked beautiful as a vampire and what a gorgeous one she made. Sue has been such a good friend to me through all this I have been dealing with and it is awesome to have such amazing people in my life as Sue, Hillery, Brian, Darrell and Reyes.

Kenn's family was there and they are all the most welcoming and gracious people.  They introduced themselves to me and really have gone out of their way to make Casey feel comfortable as a part of their family.
The ceremony started a little late due to a car load of people being a little late to arrive, including the best man.  Ellis Jessica Tyler and Lee were late because they went to the other haunted house on the West McDowell and the West 101. Not the 101 and McDowell in Scottsdale.
But the ceremony started and The owner's wife knocked on the door of the castle and Casey stepped out. She stood near to Kenn and then Sue started the ceremony.
She spoke clear and loud enough for everyone to hear and everyone but miss Raevyndaun listened.  Miss Raevyndaun screamed. Her first time to ever act like this and it was the first time most people had seen her out in public.  She cried and acted like she was starving and cried more and it took Gerry and Emily to go out to the car to make her stop screaming. I guess she read the name of the park and wanted to fit in.

The wedding progressed quickly and then Casey read her vows and they were sweet and beautiful.  Then Kenn read his vows and they were so very sweet and he said he knew she would be a part of his life the first time he saw her but he had no clue just how big a part of his life she would become. A beautiful vow portion of the ceremony.

With the pronouncement of them being husband and wife the ceremony came to an end and the park became available for people to visit as a customer and time to head over to the reception.

The reception started and the kids went out trick or treating as the adults with no children stayed and had treats here. Everyone seemed to have a great time. I  know I did.  Ellis and Jessica made it to the reception and I was happy to see them here.  It sure made Casey happy to see them here too.  Gerry had been such a huge help at the wedding  so he was able to come back and go back his game.
All in all I think it was one spectacular Hallowedding.