I am on vacation in Winchester and having a wonderful time with Angie, Tony, Jacob, Nathan and Sarah.  The temperatures here are chilly to me but  I am acclimating.
We have been playing with the gorgeous baby and the awesome boys.  They have a lot of questions about their cousins and life in the desert. They are talking about coming to Arizona this time next year.
I was given this trip and it was the best mothers day present. I have missed Angie and family so much. They have such a great life here, I wouldn't even ask them to relocate to Arizona even though I would love to have them close.

I have tasted yogurt.  Never have I ever had any but Angie coaxed me into a bite of hers and I have to admit I did not hear the little cultures screaming as I ate the bite.  I admit the flavor of the yogurt was tasty and I may eat some another time.
Tony fixed my laptop power supply so I am now able to access the internet with my laptop.  Exciting times for me. I have missed this laptop. The dogs chewed through the cord and Tony soldered it back together. Hip Hip Hooray I am mobile again.
Sarah has the most adorable face. I love it. She has hige blue eyes and dark lashes. She is really such a beauty. She is a sweetheart.  She loves to be held of course and loves to play with her feet.

The first night I was here the temperature dropped to 37 degrees and I was totally freezing.  I do not think we dropped below forty this whole winter in Arizona, and I was not dressed for freezing or near freezing weather. Lucky for me it is warming up. It is in the 60's right now and moving up.
I am staying here until the 23rd and loving every second of it.

]Sarah Katherine Marmo


December 1, 2009 Sarah Katherine Marmo was born, She was 5 pounds and 11 ounces. At 19 and 3/4 inches long she is tiny but long. She is just beautiful and she has more hair than her mother did at birth. Her mother Angie, spent the night holding this precious girl
As the mother of 2 rowdy boys, and 1 rowdy husband, this is going to be quite a change for her. I think she should begin to write about how a family of rough and tumble boys, and one mother that can give as good as she gets, changes when a little baby girl enters the family.
I for one would be so interested in hearing how her life flips upside down due to this little 5 pound 11 ounce 19 and 3/4 inch long bundle of joy.