Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moving to a New Writing Gig at Hub Pages

I have recently been making a move over to the Hub Pages and this is where I am doing my writing.  I have been writing at Mahalo for over a year now and they have moved on to a different format.  I was making a nice amount working from home on the pages that I made with love and a lot of research.  The management decided that it wasn't profitable for them to share the page revenue with the writers, so some changes were made.  I am not running down Mahalo. They can run their business any way they choose, I just was enjoying the freedom that writing had offered me for the last year and I am not going to stop writing. So I needed to relocate to a site that will continue to pay me for my work.  

If you are interested in my writing then I will continue to link my stories so that you can see them if you so choose.  I hope over the last year you can see an improvement in my writing. I admit I still write with a southern accent.  Not that I think that is a bad thing.  I actually write some things with a southern spin intentionally.  I think the southern way of saying some things in some situations is just perfect and says it in a way that is so much better.  

This is simply an announcement that lets you all know what is going on.  I hope you visit my pages at Hub Pages and like what you read.  Just to give you an idea I have been writing about, I have published a page using  the history of my family and I wrote a little page on Nessmuk.  Nessmuk was my ancestor and he was one of the first conservationists and a writer in the 1880's for the magazine that became Field and Stream . There is a section on some of the games on Face book like Jungle Jewels

Let me know how you like my work and if you see changes I need to make, just let me know. I am here on this planet to learn and grow, and I count on you all to help me on the journey.