Friday, October 30, 2009

Countdown to the Hallowedding

2 Days from the hallowedding. Casey is a basket case from the last minute details, decisions and concerns.  She has little projects going on all over and she spent the day trying to get them all completed.   She has done an amazing job in less than 1 month.  Even with unexpected purchases she is still working on getting all the details like she wants.  I am really anxious to see the cake.  To know this lady has worked so hard to make this amazing gift for Casey and Kenn.  Just amazing. I will post pictures of the cake and the ceremony and the reception. I can not wait to show everyone her beautiful ceremony she has planned.

Sue Springer is going to officiate and this is her second wedding. She will do some of the original ring blessings and declaration and benediction. I know she is a bit nervous, but just know she will do fine. She is a little scared knowing that Channel 10 is now planning on coming and if possible doing a live remote during the wedding. I say possible because the Arizona Scream Park  arranged the media and they said that the reporter wanted to do a live remote so if it happens we will have that to save as well. What a fun time  we are expecting to have. Between the Ceremony and the reception Kenn and Casey have pilled out all the creative stops. No one knows what to expect and so I think...  everyone will be pleasantly surprised.
So if you haven't decided if you are coming or not, feel welcome to drop on over into Scottsdale and celebrate with us, or head over to my house for the reception. there is plenty of  Jello shots and cake for everyone.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mama Kate, my grandmother always had copies of Arizona Highways on her coffee table and in her magazine racks.  It was one of those magazines that you never tossed out.  It was the magazine I could look through time and again.  The one thing that always stood out to  me was the Reds. The reds of the dirt, the red of the Grand Canyon and the reds of the sunsets. The towering white clouds edged in red, contrasting with the turquoise sky between.  Now I realize they took the pictures of those tall massive clouds because they were rare.

In my mind that was Arizona.  The Indian School on Indian School road. This was the place that my grandparents supported with financial donations all while I was growing up and we would receive little Indian dolls. This was the gift my grandmother received for her devotion to the little school that helped the Indian children learn English, math and science. As an adult I have learned that they were not all happy to be here, but my grandparents helped out of the goodness of their hearts and the faith in the beliefs of the times.
Again in my mind that was Arizona.

Today all that came flooding back when I saw a woman that had gotten out of her car on the side of the road and was taking pictures of the sky. The towering clouds with the little touches of turquoise between.  Oh did I mention the reds.  Because each white cloud had just the faintest hint of red and in my mind, I had just sat down on the floor with my back up against the cold marble coffee table with the Arizona Highways Magazine.

  Other than wishing I too could pull over on Indian School Road as that woman had, and watch the sunset melt into the ribbon of red that it would soon become  I realized I am living my own copy of Mama Kate's Arizona Highways Magazine.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Goodbye my friend

Steve I heard of your passing today. I was sad but I also was touched that you had reached out to me after all this time and we had one awesome day together. Chatting about the old days laughing and recalling things that were so important and so minute.  But it was a wonderful visit. A day full of hugs and laughter and happy thoughts about those that we shared a bond with all those years ago.  The neighbors that liked us and we had no clue why.  The people we talked about that had not been brought to mind in so long.  Silly times and fun times.  The fact that we were friends that went to the sweetheart banquet at your church because we both wanted to go.  The Performances in the basement of your church.  We talked for about 9 hours straight and it is 9 hours I will never forget.
I will share some of the things Steve told me.  He said that Nellie was the best mother and she was a beautiful person that had always accepted him with no hesitancy.  He loved her for that.  He loved Martha, Ruth and Libby and thought they were awesome sisters to have. He said he had no bad memories of them and  that when he thinks of them he always thinks of them happy and smiling. His family meant so much to him. He is proud of David and Terri and He told me about Eddie and Ken and had only nice things to say about each.
He was so proud of his dad. He said in a time when people would struggle with just a few kids his dad had provided very nicely for 8 children and his father was an amazing man. He told me he had made some mistakes but that the family always was there for him. 
I wanted to share in case anyone ever thinks people do not discuss their true feelings, they do. and Steve I will never forget you and I am so so thankful God gave us 1 day to forge a new memory that is helping me and hopefully others through this time.
You will be missed Steve.  I still look out the window every time I hear a motorcycle hoping it was you dropping in for a visit. My regret is at my missing your phone call when we could have had another day to make memories with our pups.
I am glad you greeted me with those hugs and kind words and that wonderful visit.
Farewell Steve. I will miss you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Today is the birthday party for Bella. She is turning 1 tomorrow.  She is one of the most adorable babies out there. Reyes has been stressing over this party and I know it will be a blast. Raevyndaun woke up this morning ready to go to the party.  Cody spent the night Friday night but when he found out his mama was buying him the toy Bakugan he decided to head home.

Tyler got the phone and talked to me on it and he was so giggly He was running all over the place while he was chattering to me.  He is so adorable and he is finally wanting to hug and get kisses.  I have some little clothes for him and I can't wait to see him in them.  He is totally in his terrible 2's now but he is a cutie and not too bad at all.

I am working on a review for Smart E Bear. This cuddly bear can speak in 3 languages, English, Spanish and Chinese.  He learns the childs name and then sings to them.  It is similar to Teddy Ruxben from the 80's  but there is no hard batterypack all of his information is downloaded into a small packet of electronics and no matter how much you snuggle with these guys you can not feel the pack.
You download games songs and books and then the bear plays with the child. The music isn't electronic it is actually well known artists that have contracted with the Kids Preferred LLC. 
There is also a cat and a dog as well as the bear.
Yesterday I had 4 pages accepted. That was the most I have had accepted in one day.  I came in 9th place on a contest on Mahalo last week and that was from submitting 40 pages this month.  Between the swag and the prize money I have really been enjoying Mahalo. Getting positive feedback from people that have work I really respect is a nice feeling.  I know I talk about Mahalo alot but I find it such a positive release for me. A way to write and learn and grow and even get paid some.  How can I not be going on and on about it.
Angie and Kathy both reminded me not to be pulled in by the media frenzy on the H1N1.  I will resist getting the shot or worse the nasal spray vaccination.

Angie passed on some really good advice about the flu:
Wash hands often and stay clear of germ filled areas.
Then she reminded me not everyone that gets the flu is going to not survive it.  thank you both Angie and Kathy.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

H1N1 Vaccinate or not to vaccinate

The news is over flowing with H1N1 news adn I am not sure what to do.  Do we all go and get the vaccination? The lines are full already this morning of people waiting for their shots.  They expect to run out before the day is over. What a scary time. But how bad is this?
According to the Washington Post,"the campaign aims to vaccinate at least half the country’s population within a few months, something never done before.
The first of the vaccines will begin arriving in October, after testing on human subjects as young as six months old to determine the drug’s safety.

they have arrived.  Desert Schools Federal Credit Union gave out free employee shots yesterday. This morning that is the top story.  
According to World Health Organization’s (WHO) global statistics, 2,185 people have died from the H1N1 virus, while another 209,438 are confirmed to have caught it, as of Aug. 23.

What this also means is that 207,253 people recovered from the virus—a recovery rate of 99 percent. Bear in mind that all of these recoveries were before an official vaccine for the H1N1 virus was released. The common, seasonal flu kills between 250,000 and 500,000 people each year, globally, while causing severe illness in between 3 million and 5 million people, according to the WHO. 

When the first cases broke out there were daily swine flu counts of the number of people world wide.  I believe that has caused a very real panic over something that is not as hazardous as the name first implied.  

As of today I have not had a vaccination and tomorrow.. who knows.  I will watch a little more news and see what they think is happening world wide and chose after that.

Friday slow and easy

I have a dress to wear to the wedding. YAY Thanks to Casey I have a dress.  It is beautiful and I love it.  I wouldn't have ever thought I could wear something like this but I love it.  I will have a picture in it.  Just to show how much I appreciate it.

they went tonight with Cody and when they came back they had Cody his outfit ( well most of it) and me a dress. What a wonderful family I have.

I am worried about Ellis he had a possible Basil Carcinoma on his arm removed. I am happy he had it removed, but not sure how someone his age could have one of those on his arm. I suppose it is because he is so fair and out in the sun all his life.

Casey is a little stressed and freaking out a tad since it is only 1 week before the wedding and she has plenty left to do.  But it is all coming together. I know she is nervous.  Cody is here tonight and he gets to go home with about 10 new shirts for school.  and for weekends since they wear uniforms 4 days a week.

Gerry got his flu shot today and so he is a little blah tonight . He is even a little feverish.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday and writing and wedding all W's

A long day. A full day. A day of wedding arrangements going on around me. Hair being planned and decorations being chosen and food being discussed.

The wedding is on Halloween and so that has certain implications on the decorations and the foods.  The cake is already being arranged so that is out of the loop and nothing for them to worry and stress about.

Lexi had her dental appointment and she has braces now.  they are pink and  she seems happy to have them ( as much as anyone can be happy to have them). One less life drama to face as a teenager. Braces on a teen are not a good thing.

My phone has changed and most of my numbers were not saved,so if I have not spoken to you in the last 3 weeks then I no longer have a current phone number so you can call me or write me and give me the number.

The poems are my way of building courage to wrote so I appreciate the chance to post them here.  I am working very hard on my confidence, so feel free to tell me when I stick a comma or other error in my writings.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chrsitmas list

I can hear those sleigh bells ringing and all I want for christmas is an Apple Airport Express because when we have those gamers over here knocking out a few levels in WoW I want us all to be able to access the internet together on the patio. Now what would make that happen? An air bridge.
Merry Christmas!!!

The Pilgrimage

Warm sunshine falls gently to the ground

Rays warming the skin as It begins to brown

Sand and salt make the ground glisten

Waves send a message to those that listen.

Crashing waves cover the thoughts of the day

The slight undertow causes me to gently sway.

Unburdened from the daily world's weight

A moment to myself a moment of quiet.

A smile spreads across recently clinched lips

Memories flood of forgotten childhood trips.

Sinking into the sand, as if in a world all alone

peace, serenity, a sigh ah at last I am home.

Pulled to the present I feel a slight touch

I focus on the child that I love so much.

His newfound joy of this wonderful view

Impatient to try, taste and see everything new.

They seems so simple the lessons of childhood

Like the wonder and buoyancy of driftwood.

I watch him explore all the textures of the land

Shells are gathered, examined and placed in the sand.

The waves gently push and not so gentle pull

The sounds of the ocean trapped in this shell.

The memories are being formed and stored

Soon forgotten or perhaps just ignored.

The memories of this day will one day appear

Amazingly fresh and surprisingly clear.

Then suddenly there is this mysterious need

To find a special place to escape with great speed.

The need to escape returns every generation

This pilgrimage known as "the Family Vacation".

The Haunting

Boo… I plan on haunting you.

Boo… This warning is overdue.

Boo… Maybe I don’t mean you.

Boo… Then if not you, then who?

Boo… I mean it, I am going to haunt you.

Boo… I only say it because it is true.

Boo… Perhaps you think I can't mean you.

Boo… But if not you… Then who?


Monday, October 19, 2009

Stepping out

This is the first evening of me trying a different approach to this Blog. I have been a little newsy I have tried to keep it positive and not too boring. I am going to continue to update my life here but I am also attempting to write some fiction. I am not sure I will put it on here until I am relatively happy with the product. If I find this too stressful then I write where no one can see. I have entered a competition and I will see how it goes.

It is going to be something I have never done before and there is no loosing. It is a learning experience.

So I hope you all will wish me luck as I learn and grow over the month of November. I used to write so much more than I do now and so this is like a step back into my youth. When I had the courage to write a little comic book and actually show it around my school. Or the poems I wrote and share with those that know me best. Maybe you even remember the audition for the Alabama School of Fine Arts. A very exciting time for me to go back into my youth. We shall see.

Lexi spa day

Today we had a spa day for Lexi, we curled her hair trying different looks so that she could see how beautiful she is. She took a few portfolio shots with her hair all up and curled. I also have a little movie of her reading to Raevyndaun.

I forgot her medicine so Kenn had to run out and get it over there. I was hoping to meet half way, these little fast paced runs from one place or another are hard on me. My memory is shoddy at best.

I am working on a Britney Spears page on Mahalo about how she is preparing for the release of her new collection album. The song 3 is a bit much but it sounds good. I love finding pages that I can work on and enjoy.

oh great I learned a new trick. I am learning to upload videos to you tube! Now all these little movies have a home! This is my test to see if the uploading and linking works.

thanks for sharing my experiments :) This way I can add some of the wedding video's after the ceremony.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Phoenix Zoowalk 2009

If I were Fred Rogers I would totally be singing it is a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

Today. We walked our 3 miles at the zoo and saw some awesome animals. Bella and Raevyndaun met and seemed to approve of each other. Our team name "Walking for Kids" showed up on the t-shirt for the Zoo walk

Lexi got her very own shirt as did Casey and Gerry and I.

Took Raevyndaun and had her ears pierced. She looks so cute..

Gerry got his ears pierced today too. I was way shocked by that. He got a really nice looking set of titanium balls. He almost went with a cartilage piercing but decided against it for his first piercing. now I expect him to be getting a tattoo.

Today continued when I checked the mail and I had 2 packages. One from Cheryl Anne, and it was a copy of her book. "Home Planet A Life in Four Seasons" It is awesome. I love it!! I love the dedication too. Beautiful sentiment.

The second package was from my beloved Mahalo. I had won what they call swag a week ago and I got the box today. I got a hat and coffee cup a beach towel and a Mahalo Tote. Plus a cover for my iTouch. an awesome day It was like the most surprised filled day ever. It was so awesome I even took my picture with some of the swag lol.

Now I am off to write some more on Mahalo.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Walking for Autism in the morning

Tomorrow morning at 6:15 we meet at the stadium in Tempe and shuttle over to the Phoenix Zoo for the walk. WE are walking to raise money for the Autism Foundation. Our team name is Walking for Kids and we have only raised 190.00 of the 1000.00 we pledged.

The baby is so excited she can't sleep.(I feel sure that is the reason she is still awake} Lexi is here for the zoo walk so she is sleeping. she has been so awesome today all happy and helpful and sweet, They found the perfect dress fro the wedding and she looks amazing in it. I can not wait to see how the wedding pictures turn out. Casey has gotten everyone's things together frothe walk so that we can just leave in the morning since it will be so early.

We went to the store and got some more items for the wedding. This is going to be the most unusual and amazing wedding. Thank you Angie for starting this off. what a great idea you had.

I have been in the back room with Kenn Casey and Raevyndaun. Seems tonight Raevyndaun decided that she would learn to pull herself up and walk along her dad holding onto his jeans. A totally mobile baby. I believe she isn't sleeping too well because she is chattering up a storm and is keeping herself awake. She has the cutest voice. I will make a video and add it this weekend. Everyone deserves to see her in action. Yes! The camera will be with us tomorrow at the walk.

Lexi has really been good on this visit and I think she is looking forward to the zoo trip tomorrow. She has been interacting with the baby and the animals so much this time. I can not believe she is already 9 years old. She is a great little girl.

I suppose I should try to sleep a little before the walk tomorrow.
If you want to check out the Mahalo writing then skip over to my MahaloVic blog

Thursday, October 15, 2009


This morning angie and Sarah Katherine met with the doctor and it seems she is going to have the birthday of December 1,2009.
Our first December grandchild. I hope hope hope I can make enough money to go out there and see the new baby and Jacob and Nathan too
Angie sounds happy and healthy and just a joy to talk to first thing in the morning. I need some Angie joy at my house for aobut a month, or 2 or 6.

Working on some breathing exercises and I think I finally have a notion of the breath in tummy goes out thing. I never learned to sing from my diaphram only my throat. This might even help that as well. Oh yeah I can see me as an opera singer afer all this practice with the tummy breathing.

So it seems the lungs are balloons and when you sleep you breath perfectly and correctly. When you breath with your shoulders you are not involving the lungs at all. I was even told, "your shoulders do not fill anything up with air" :) I like my breathing coach. He can make me laugh sometimes.
He is a good idea man. Milasia and Elyssa have their clothes for the wedding. WHEW.. Cody an outfit Tyler a cute little outfit and Lexi her bridesmaid dress. Looking for the perfect dress for Raevyndaun too. This is hard shopping this much. Poor Casey is having to shop...
Took Jessica out Monday and we got the outfits for the middle girls and I really think they are beautiful.
The Wedding invitations for Casey and Kenn went out, so if you did not get one, let me know. I will be happy to send one to you.
We did Email ones so they oculd get all the way across country in 1 minute. Since it is so far. I was hoping we could do a nice one like we did for Angie, but this was in such a short time frame. Seemed impossible.
The cake has been ordered and I will include pictures on the wedding blog. If it looks as she drew and designed it will be spectacular.

Kenn's brother is flying in from Michigan for the wedding. This was a bit of a surprise for Kenn but it really seemed to make him happy.

Sorry about some spam getting on my facebook page, I was clicking on things and turned on some spammer accidently and I wanted to say I am sorry about any annoyance.

Jessica said Lexi is willing to spend the night. She has been reluctant to stay all night anywhere in quite a few weeks. So I am very happy to say she is choosing to come here with me :). I can not wait to see her in the wedding. She will be so happy I know. She was smiling so much when Casey asked her to be in the wedding party. Now I have to run to an appointment.
Will blog later and keep you up to date.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This weekend was a little more pressure than I needed but I made it through. A late sleepless night and an early start to help Casey put out the items for the yard sale. Casey chose the best weekend for this, because it is perfectly beautiful here today.

Gerry came in today at 12:40 but his plane landed at 12:20 and since I was still en route I was a bit nervous about being late to pick him up.

Tomorrow is the pups spa day, Rabies shots and the whole works. I am hoping to make enough on the yard sale to buy the items I need to work on my yard and garden. I can not even call it a lawn. It is not attractive as it is,but that is what I am here for. I am going to be the lawn whisperer.
I will have to resist being the lawn mumbler. I am sleepy so I am going to try to get me some sleep. I hope to sleep past the 4 houre

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday night

Gerry is still in Oakland. It is quiet without him here. I think he will be happy with some of the changes we have made here this week. I miss him,
We are having a much needed (too much junk) yard sale Friday and Saturday. this way what is gone when he gets home he will not be remember ever owning it.

I would live to be able to hypnotize people to my way of thinking. We are 1 week end away from the Autism walk.

I was accepted on the Street Team on Mahalo it is a wee little paying position and when I say wee I mean tiny. the fact is I feel good about being chosen. There are published authors on this site just cranking out information Casey and I are. So it is a bit humbling.

for the first time ever I used a straightener on my hair and it was amazing. it totally made my hair feel good and healthy and shine. I think I will take the time to do it each morning and see how long that lasts. lol tomorrow I will probably be able to confess that I did not have time in the morning.

Filhinha and Irie are such little buddies. both female cats they share every chair in the house. not sure if it is love or jealousy that allows them to stay in the same chair for hours on end.
But they do and they bathe each other lol it is quite cute.

Raevyndaun is sitting up from a laying position now and she is quite quite good at it. She loves to be independent I noticed.

Jacob wrote me on Facebook Monday and he was so cute. he is like ok...I have to go I will call you later lol what a doll he is. Nathan came on and chatted a very few minutes with Casey and I as I cooked and he was maybe not happy that my attention was all over the place.

well I am goning to leave you with the most amazing little video clip of the most amazing little movie ever.. and I mean EVAH :)
enjoy the clip :)

3:17 and still awake

No dreaming no nodding off no rest of any kind, All day I ran from one place to another and still not sure what I need to do. I can not sleep and that is very stressful to me. Never to relax. Never to unwind. blech... this is a good for nothing, horrible very bad no good night. Thanks to Alexander I have that phrase to call my own.

Between appointments and errands today I made a few Mahalo pages and I am quite happy with them. I think I am getting the hang of them now and I still love it. Even when my fingers are lazy and want to type fake words... I think my fingers make typo's to catch me unaware and see if I always proofread. I sometimes think that proofreading gets forgotten by me. I realize Oh no.. I did not write that did i? Then I cringe and go on to the next exciting proofreading episode of The Isle of misspelled words.

The pups have their spa day Sunday and I think they will be bathed before that happens. I believe they need a bath.. In a pretty big way :)

I have been getting amazing pictures from Rio this week from Luis and oh it is a beautiful city. It does nothing to dissuade me from wanting to go there and be an English teacher. Imagine a while city learning to speak southern. At the 2016 Olympics they will be standing there torch in hand saying "y'all come back now ya heah"

The English teacher idea came from an ad online that said they are coming to my area to train English teachers to send to Brazil. Well well ... what an idea. But really. I have been seeing some beautiful pictures and I do think Brazil is such a spectacularly beautiful country. But I love America. It is my home and my heart.

My latest page that I am pretty proud of on Mahalo is all about Desert Gardening. I hope it is a success and people are interested in that subject. I admit I am all over the place with this topic choosing but every page I have done, I have a great love for the topic.
I also get to learn more and more about each subject.

Well I am going to try to sleep the next 2.5 hours until time to get up. I am not sure if I am able to relax enough to even close my eyes, but I think it is time for me to try. Otherwise I will be forced to crank out another page or 2 or 3 oh dear.... :)
Enjoy your night and we will go and do it all over again tomorrow.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Good morning to a beautiful cool Saturday morning. It was about 60 this morning and considering a few days back it was 80 this time of the day it is Nice!

We walked down to a yard sale to see if they had anything irresistible. Found a shirt for Kenn. So when I got back Gerry was in the car with both pups. He was going to grab some breakfast and taking them with him. So I was invited and went with him .

Going to go get Milasia today to spend the night. Still working on wedding plans and still working on wedding details. We are trying to blend Halloween and wedding and so far there have been some realy nice ideas springing up.

Invitations today and then timing relaxes some.
Decided not to do the firepit until after the wedding. So no one gets burned.

Gerry just was notified that his grandmother passed away. :( I am very sorry to hear this. He has been trying to contact her for a while and wasn't able to get through to her. He is sad and I am sad for him.

So I am about to head out to work in the yard. I am loving the plants and the improvements. Pictures will be added soon.
Home improvement here I come.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday :)

Happy Friday! I guess sunce I only worked 1/2 day this week I shouldn't be celebrating, but I am . It is 4 am and I am awake and thinking about plans for building my fire pit this weekend. I know I need the river rock. I have the cement. My question at this time is.. do I put in a metal liner? Not sure if I put in a liner will it heat up and cause problems. I am going over to a how to site to see what I can find. I have found the one I want to build. It is an east DIY plan.
Casey got her invitations today for the wedding. She has to send them out tomorrow. Just dawned on me I am not sure I have everyone's correct address.

I found the dress I am going to wear at the wedding. This reminds me of helping Angie get her wedding together. It is fun and it is a bunch of work. But the end result is totally worth it.

Reyes and Darrell are in Disneyland this week. I am jealous. I have got to start working more. I am making us broke I think. Oh well... I will be back to work soon enough I think. At least the Doctor is realizing what is going on,

Tonight I got a How To page accepted on Mahalo. That was a nice bonus. I know everyone is tired of hearing how awesome Mahalo is. But it is.
Enjoy this Friday :)