Saturday, October 17, 2009

Phoenix Zoowalk 2009

If I were Fred Rogers I would totally be singing it is a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

Today. We walked our 3 miles at the zoo and saw some awesome animals. Bella and Raevyndaun met and seemed to approve of each other. Our team name "Walking for Kids" showed up on the t-shirt for the Zoo walk

Lexi got her very own shirt as did Casey and Gerry and I.

Took Raevyndaun and had her ears pierced. She looks so cute..

Gerry got his ears pierced today too. I was way shocked by that. He got a really nice looking set of titanium balls. He almost went with a cartilage piercing but decided against it for his first piercing. now I expect him to be getting a tattoo.

Today continued when I checked the mail and I had 2 packages. One from Cheryl Anne, and it was a copy of her book. "Home Planet A Life in Four Seasons" It is awesome. I love it!! I love the dedication too. Beautiful sentiment.

The second package was from my beloved Mahalo. I had won what they call swag a week ago and I got the box today. I got a hat and coffee cup a beach towel and a Mahalo Tote. Plus a cover for my iTouch. an awesome day It was like the most surprised filled day ever. It was so awesome I even took my picture with some of the swag lol.

Now I am off to write some more on Mahalo.

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