Thursday, October 15, 2009


This morning angie and Sarah Katherine met with the doctor and it seems she is going to have the birthday of December 1,2009.
Our first December grandchild. I hope hope hope I can make enough money to go out there and see the new baby and Jacob and Nathan too
Angie sounds happy and healthy and just a joy to talk to first thing in the morning. I need some Angie joy at my house for aobut a month, or 2 or 6.

Working on some breathing exercises and I think I finally have a notion of the breath in tummy goes out thing. I never learned to sing from my diaphram only my throat. This might even help that as well. Oh yeah I can see me as an opera singer afer all this practice with the tummy breathing.

So it seems the lungs are balloons and when you sleep you breath perfectly and correctly. When you breath with your shoulders you are not involving the lungs at all. I was even told, "your shoulders do not fill anything up with air" :) I like my breathing coach. He can make me laugh sometimes.
He is a good idea man. Milasia and Elyssa have their clothes for the wedding. WHEW.. Cody an outfit Tyler a cute little outfit and Lexi her bridesmaid dress. Looking for the perfect dress for Raevyndaun too. This is hard shopping this much. Poor Casey is having to shop...
Took Jessica out Monday and we got the outfits for the middle girls and I really think they are beautiful.
The Wedding invitations for Casey and Kenn went out, so if you did not get one, let me know. I will be happy to send one to you.
We did Email ones so they oculd get all the way across country in 1 minute. Since it is so far. I was hoping we could do a nice one like we did for Angie, but this was in such a short time frame. Seemed impossible.
The cake has been ordered and I will include pictures on the wedding blog. If it looks as she drew and designed it will be spectacular.

Kenn's brother is flying in from Michigan for the wedding. This was a bit of a surprise for Kenn but it really seemed to make him happy.

Sorry about some spam getting on my facebook page, I was clicking on things and turned on some spammer accidently and I wanted to say I am sorry about any annoyance.

Jessica said Lexi is willing to spend the night. She has been reluctant to stay all night anywhere in quite a few weeks. So I am very happy to say she is choosing to come here with me :). I can not wait to see her in the wedding. She will be so happy I know. She was smiling so much when Casey asked her to be in the wedding party. Now I have to run to an appointment.
Will blog later and keep you up to date.

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