Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday and writing and wedding all W's

A long day. A full day. A day of wedding arrangements going on around me. Hair being planned and decorations being chosen and food being discussed.

The wedding is on Halloween and so that has certain implications on the decorations and the foods.  The cake is already being arranged so that is out of the loop and nothing for them to worry and stress about.

Lexi had her dental appointment and she has braces now.  they are pink and  she seems happy to have them ( as much as anyone can be happy to have them). One less life drama to face as a teenager. Braces on a teen are not a good thing.

My phone has changed and most of my numbers were not saved,so if I have not spoken to you in the last 3 weeks then I no longer have a current phone number so you can call me or write me and give me the number.

The poems are my way of building courage to wrote so I appreciate the chance to post them here.  I am working very hard on my confidence, so feel free to tell me when I stick a comma or other error in my writings.

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