Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday slow and easy

I have a dress to wear to the wedding. YAY Thanks to Casey I have a dress.  It is beautiful and I love it.  I wouldn't have ever thought I could wear something like this but I love it.  I will have a picture in it.  Just to show how much I appreciate it.

they went tonight with Cody and when they came back they had Cody his outfit ( well most of it) and me a dress. What a wonderful family I have.

I am worried about Ellis he had a possible Basil Carcinoma on his arm removed. I am happy he had it removed, but not sure how someone his age could have one of those on his arm. I suppose it is because he is so fair and out in the sun all his life.

Casey is a little stressed and freaking out a tad since it is only 1 week before the wedding and she has plenty left to do.  But it is all coming together. I know she is nervous.  Cody is here tonight and he gets to go home with about 10 new shirts for school.  and for weekends since they wear uniforms 4 days a week.

Gerry got his flu shot today and so he is a little blah tonight . He is even a little feverish.

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