Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday night

Gerry is still in Oakland. It is quiet without him here. I think he will be happy with some of the changes we have made here this week. I miss him,
We are having a much needed (too much junk) yard sale Friday and Saturday. this way what is gone when he gets home he will not be remember ever owning it.

I would live to be able to hypnotize people to my way of thinking. We are 1 week end away from the Autism walk.

I was accepted on the Street Team on Mahalo it is a wee little paying position and when I say wee I mean tiny. the fact is I feel good about being chosen. There are published authors on this site just cranking out information Casey and I are. So it is a bit humbling.

for the first time ever I used a straightener on my hair and it was amazing. it totally made my hair feel good and healthy and shine. I think I will take the time to do it each morning and see how long that lasts. lol tomorrow I will probably be able to confess that I did not have time in the morning.

Filhinha and Irie are such little buddies. both female cats they share every chair in the house. not sure if it is love or jealousy that allows them to stay in the same chair for hours on end.
But they do and they bathe each other lol it is quite cute.

Raevyndaun is sitting up from a laying position now and she is quite quite good at it. She loves to be independent I noticed.

Jacob wrote me on Facebook Monday and he was so cute. he is like ok...I have to go I will call you later lol what a doll he is. Nathan came on and chatted a very few minutes with Casey and I as I cooked and he was maybe not happy that my attention was all over the place.

well I am goning to leave you with the most amazing little video clip of the most amazing little movie ever.. and I mean EVAH :)
enjoy the clip :)



  2. I agree. Best movie ever! Good luck on your yard sale. Did you do good on Friday?