Saturday, October 3, 2009


Good morning to a beautiful cool Saturday morning. It was about 60 this morning and considering a few days back it was 80 this time of the day it is Nice!

We walked down to a yard sale to see if they had anything irresistible. Found a shirt for Kenn. So when I got back Gerry was in the car with both pups. He was going to grab some breakfast and taking them with him. So I was invited and went with him .

Going to go get Milasia today to spend the night. Still working on wedding plans and still working on wedding details. We are trying to blend Halloween and wedding and so far there have been some realy nice ideas springing up.

Invitations today and then timing relaxes some.
Decided not to do the firepit until after the wedding. So no one gets burned.

Gerry just was notified that his grandmother passed away. :( I am very sorry to hear this. He has been trying to contact her for a while and wasn't able to get through to her. He is sad and I am sad for him.

So I am about to head out to work in the yard. I am loving the plants and the improvements. Pictures will be added soon.
Home improvement here I come.


  1. Sorry to hear about Gerry :( I didn't get the email showing me your new blog entry, so sorry I was late reading it!

  2. I am sure he understands completely :) thanks for your kind thoughts and words. I know he will appreciate it. He is in California now and so that was a good thing. He will be home Saturday :)
    I feel very sad for him.