Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday :)

Happy Friday! I guess sunce I only worked 1/2 day this week I shouldn't be celebrating, but I am . It is 4 am and I am awake and thinking about plans for building my fire pit this weekend. I know I need the river rock. I have the cement. My question at this time is.. do I put in a metal liner? Not sure if I put in a liner will it heat up and cause problems. I am going over to a how to site to see what I can find. I have found the one I want to build. It is an east DIY plan.
Casey got her invitations today for the wedding. She has to send them out tomorrow. Just dawned on me I am not sure I have everyone's correct address.

I found the dress I am going to wear at the wedding. This reminds me of helping Angie get her wedding together. It is fun and it is a bunch of work. But the end result is totally worth it.

Reyes and Darrell are in Disneyland this week. I am jealous. I have got to start working more. I am making us broke I think. Oh well... I will be back to work soon enough I think. At least the Doctor is realizing what is going on,

Tonight I got a How To page accepted on Mahalo. That was a nice bonus. I know everyone is tired of hearing how awesome Mahalo is. But it is.
Enjoy this Friday :)

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