Wednesday, October 7, 2009

3:17 and still awake

No dreaming no nodding off no rest of any kind, All day I ran from one place to another and still not sure what I need to do. I can not sleep and that is very stressful to me. Never to relax. Never to unwind. blech... this is a good for nothing, horrible very bad no good night. Thanks to Alexander I have that phrase to call my own.

Between appointments and errands today I made a few Mahalo pages and I am quite happy with them. I think I am getting the hang of them now and I still love it. Even when my fingers are lazy and want to type fake words... I think my fingers make typo's to catch me unaware and see if I always proofread. I sometimes think that proofreading gets forgotten by me. I realize Oh no.. I did not write that did i? Then I cringe and go on to the next exciting proofreading episode of The Isle of misspelled words.

The pups have their spa day Sunday and I think they will be bathed before that happens. I believe they need a bath.. In a pretty big way :)

I have been getting amazing pictures from Rio this week from Luis and oh it is a beautiful city. It does nothing to dissuade me from wanting to go there and be an English teacher. Imagine a while city learning to speak southern. At the 2016 Olympics they will be standing there torch in hand saying "y'all come back now ya heah"

The English teacher idea came from an ad online that said they are coming to my area to train English teachers to send to Brazil. Well well ... what an idea. But really. I have been seeing some beautiful pictures and I do think Brazil is such a spectacularly beautiful country. But I love America. It is my home and my heart.

My latest page that I am pretty proud of on Mahalo is all about Desert Gardening. I hope it is a success and people are interested in that subject. I admit I am all over the place with this topic choosing but every page I have done, I have a great love for the topic.
I also get to learn more and more about each subject.

Well I am going to try to sleep the next 2.5 hours until time to get up. I am not sure if I am able to relax enough to even close my eyes, but I think it is time for me to try. Otherwise I will be forced to crank out another page or 2 or 3 oh dear.... :)
Enjoy your night and we will go and do it all over again tomorrow.

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