Friday, October 30, 2009

Countdown to the Hallowedding

2 Days from the hallowedding. Casey is a basket case from the last minute details, decisions and concerns.  She has little projects going on all over and she spent the day trying to get them all completed.   She has done an amazing job in less than 1 month.  Even with unexpected purchases she is still working on getting all the details like she wants.  I am really anxious to see the cake.  To know this lady has worked so hard to make this amazing gift for Casey and Kenn.  Just amazing. I will post pictures of the cake and the ceremony and the reception. I can not wait to show everyone her beautiful ceremony she has planned.

Sue Springer is going to officiate and this is her second wedding. She will do some of the original ring blessings and declaration and benediction. I know she is a bit nervous, but just know she will do fine. She is a little scared knowing that Channel 10 is now planning on coming and if possible doing a live remote during the wedding. I say possible because the Arizona Scream Park  arranged the media and they said that the reporter wanted to do a live remote so if it happens we will have that to save as well. What a fun time  we are expecting to have. Between the Ceremony and the reception Kenn and Casey have pilled out all the creative stops. No one knows what to expect and so I think...  everyone will be pleasantly surprised.
So if you haven't decided if you are coming or not, feel welcome to drop on over into Scottsdale and celebrate with us, or head over to my house for the reception. there is plenty of  Jello shots and cake for everyone.

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