Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Desert drabness can be changed one plant at a time

If you live as I do in the desert, then you have come to accept the little pebbles that they call the desert landscaping. Sometimes it is too dreary for words. Sometimes it makes you lose your sense of style and originality, or maybe that is just the Home owners association.  Sometimes it is just painful to run catch a fleeing cat before she leaves your yard.
So perhaps you remember that a month ago I decided that this year I would have a garden. I would not try to incorporate the plants form the East as I have tried and failed so many times before. No, this time would be the building of a winter friendly, summer surviving garden.

November has arrived and the flowers are surviving except where the pups are dining on the leaves and on one of the portulaca.  But no weather damage and they have survived thus far the strange dip in the temperature we encountered last week. It was into the 40's in the night and back only into the 60's during the day.
The next venture into the garden is adding in a pond for the Water element and a fire pit for the Fire element.  I already have the plants growing in Earth and my wind chimes celebrating the wind. This will give me all the elements that I have been looking to have in my garden area.
I truly believe this will be good for the feng shui chi of the family to have all four represented.

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