Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving meaning

Thanksgiving is here.  What does that mean to me? Well it means that I grew up with the best thanksgivings ever known to man.  Grandparents that loved unconditionally and were willing to take on anything or anyone that life handed them. Not just take it on, but take it on with grace and the most wonderful spirit I have still to this day never seen matched in another human.
A family that when they came together greeted each other with genuine love and affection. Uncles and Aunts Cousins and Great Grandmothers alike.
 Family that truly were thankful to be there at the cozy small house in Fairview. Thankful for one day of normalcy and beauty and happiness.  That is what I strive for every year for my family now. Sometimes we get so close that it becomes a reflection of my childhood family Thanksgivings and nothing is nicer than knowing we got that close to perfection. It saddens me only when I realize that some of my children never got to see the original ultimate Thanksgiving. But I am not sad for long because I have a turkey to bake and a ham to cook and pies to get into the oven. Yes  I have one more year to make it the ultimate thanksgiving for my family, and so I need not dawdle. That is what Thanksgiving means to me.   Thankful for all these years of thanksgiving memories and my family to share them with.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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