Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday was a good day

A very happy Birthday for me today. I received so many birthday wishes cards ( one from my work signed by all my co-workers) and letters (Ray) . It made me feel so loved and supported. I also was given a very wonderful gift from Gerry. I know you will all know how I feel about this gift. He gave me a fire pit. So  I have been out toasting my toes.  It is still hard to wear shoes when it is in this desert. So my toes were a bit nippy.
I did not pick up the logs.  Silly me.  So we burned some limbs I had cut from my shrubs last week that were all nicely dried and ready to be burned. Had a beautiful fire for about 40 minutes and that was just enough to christen the fireplace.
Next time you are in Phoenix come on over and get warm with my outdoor fireplace. I think you will love it as much as I do.

After I warmed my toes I came back in to write on my quest of 50 thousand words by November 30th and today I hit 10,516 and I still have a few more thoughts about my story. The writer of Ella Enchanted gave us our pep talk for the weekend and she is a very clever writer.

Lexi is here tonight and I can already see such an improvement in her teeth. She is really being responsible about the brushing of them and I am proud of her.
Today I wrote a page on Feng Shui and it was accepted on Mahalo and so if you have ever had any interest in  Feng Shui then I hope you will check it out. It turned out quite nicely I think.

I wish I cold have been in Birmingham for the service for Steve. I would have loved to be there to let the family know I love them all and am keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.

I will tell you all about my garden ( one hint is I bought some vegetable seeds today) tomorrow.

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