Sunday, November 22, 2009

It is cold here.  I mean 47 degree cold.  The firpit is lovely because it is warm and it is beautiful, but some times it is too chilly to go out and build a fire. Thank goodness for Kenn. He is willing to get a fire going anytime he steps outside. the cats and dogs love the cold. They get all bushy  and go prancing all over the back yard. The one cat is a little run away, she can even open the sliding glass door with her toe nails. She just scratches until it gives up and slides right open. Then the chase is on.  People and dogs racing along the back yard trying to cut her off. Her ears laid back like she is a horse in the Preakness galloping close to the ground and determined to win.
 So we have to be very careful with the doors here, or we are out trying to stop the steeplechase with our bare hands.

Lexi and Jessica head to Birmingham this morning. they are going to be there for 8 days. If you get a chance to see her you will not believe how much she has grown. Very hard to believe she is nine years old now.

Angie is getting close to delivering Miss Sarah Katherine and I know she is ready. I was going to go visit when the baby was born so that I could watch the boys for her, but it looks like I am not able to do that this time. So I will plan all of this as soon as possible,  But just know I will pass along pictures of the little bundle of joy as soon as she arrives.

Stay warm.  I know I  will be trying.

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