Saturday, November 14, 2009

FishVille has released on Facebook

November 6,2009 Zynga released FishVille   Their newest game on Facebook.  It was only 1 month after applying for the Trademark.

On November 9,2009 Zynga pulled FishVille due to a third party disagreement. It comes from the pay to play accusations that came to light this week.

It seems that Zynga wasn't letting people know that in order to get the offers you had to sign up for a monthly contract with the vendor. I believe this will start a moving away form the Doubleding and Offerpay companies that are on every application in order to get them more income.
So when you play these games on Facebook remember to read very carefully anything that provides you with an incentive.  Some of them come with monthly contracts and some come with offers that will cost you money through your cell phone.
Be careful with your facebook apps.

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