Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby hit the buffet

Tonight was Raevyndaun's first visit to a buffet and she has it down cold.  She will take some of the bananas and some fish please. A little Chicken if you don't mind. Please hold the cantaloupe it is a bit yucky to her taste.

I will be remembering Julie in my thoughts and prayers, her Aunt has been given only a few months to live and that is so hard to accept and face.

I saw Darrell's tattoo and it is amazing. The pictures did not do it justice at all.  the blocks look like they are going to pop off the skin.

today it was cloudy and 90 degrees. But the sky was just beautiful. This is when I wish I had a swimming pool for fall days and summer weather. Would be fun to just hop in for Thanksgiving.

I talked with Angie today and she is having a lot of trouble sleeping due to the baby sitting on those leg nerves making rest very hard. At least the baby isn't knoicking the leg out from under her like Jacob liked to do. spealing of Jacob I wanted to share his picture on Halloween when he was Chuckie.  Nathan was Darth Vader and he looked awesome and also had a groovy light saber.  Sometimes it seems that the light saber is enough of a costume. Angie said she believes that was the purpose of the whole outfit lol.
I hope the day is good to everyone. It was an adventure for me. I actually got out of the car and took the baby up to my work and sat on a bench until Gerry came out then we all left. But I did see some of my co-workers.

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