Friday, October 16, 2009

Walking for Autism in the morning

Tomorrow morning at 6:15 we meet at the stadium in Tempe and shuttle over to the Phoenix Zoo for the walk. WE are walking to raise money for the Autism Foundation. Our team name is Walking for Kids and we have only raised 190.00 of the 1000.00 we pledged.

The baby is so excited she can't sleep.(I feel sure that is the reason she is still awake} Lexi is here for the zoo walk so she is sleeping. she has been so awesome today all happy and helpful and sweet, They found the perfect dress fro the wedding and she looks amazing in it. I can not wait to see how the wedding pictures turn out. Casey has gotten everyone's things together frothe walk so that we can just leave in the morning since it will be so early.

We went to the store and got some more items for the wedding. This is going to be the most unusual and amazing wedding. Thank you Angie for starting this off. what a great idea you had.

I have been in the back room with Kenn Casey and Raevyndaun. Seems tonight Raevyndaun decided that she would learn to pull herself up and walk along her dad holding onto his jeans. A totally mobile baby. I believe she isn't sleeping too well because she is chattering up a storm and is keeping herself awake. She has the cutest voice. I will make a video and add it this weekend. Everyone deserves to see her in action. Yes! The camera will be with us tomorrow at the walk.

Lexi has really been good on this visit and I think she is looking forward to the zoo trip tomorrow. She has been interacting with the baby and the animals so much this time. I can not believe she is already 9 years old. She is a great little girl.

I suppose I should try to sleep a little before the walk tomorrow.
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