Monday, October 26, 2009

Goodbye my friend

Steve I heard of your passing today. I was sad but I also was touched that you had reached out to me after all this time and we had one awesome day together. Chatting about the old days laughing and recalling things that were so important and so minute.  But it was a wonderful visit. A day full of hugs and laughter and happy thoughts about those that we shared a bond with all those years ago.  The neighbors that liked us and we had no clue why.  The people we talked about that had not been brought to mind in so long.  Silly times and fun times.  The fact that we were friends that went to the sweetheart banquet at your church because we both wanted to go.  The Performances in the basement of your church.  We talked for about 9 hours straight and it is 9 hours I will never forget.
I will share some of the things Steve told me.  He said that Nellie was the best mother and she was a beautiful person that had always accepted him with no hesitancy.  He loved her for that.  He loved Martha, Ruth and Libby and thought they were awesome sisters to have. He said he had no bad memories of them and  that when he thinks of them he always thinks of them happy and smiling. His family meant so much to him. He is proud of David and Terri and He told me about Eddie and Ken and had only nice things to say about each.
He was so proud of his dad. He said in a time when people would struggle with just a few kids his dad had provided very nicely for 8 children and his father was an amazing man. He told me he had made some mistakes but that the family always was there for him. 
I wanted to share in case anyone ever thinks people do not discuss their true feelings, they do. and Steve I will never forget you and I am so so thankful God gave us 1 day to forge a new memory that is helping me and hopefully others through this time.
You will be missed Steve.  I still look out the window every time I hear a motorcycle hoping it was you dropping in for a visit. My regret is at my missing your phone call when we could have had another day to make memories with our pups.
I am glad you greeted me with those hugs and kind words and that wonderful visit.
Farewell Steve. I will miss you!


  1. Vicki, I am so sorry to hear of your friends passing. His family and yours will my in my prayers and thoughts. Take care. Miss you!


  2. that was beautiful. I know he was a very great friend to you, but how awesome after all those years, God gave y'all one more day! It will be rough but you will get through this as will the rest of the family! Just remember he is up in heaven riding bikes with everyone in the palces they have not here!