Sunday, October 25, 2009

Today is the birthday party for Bella. She is turning 1 tomorrow.  She is one of the most adorable babies out there. Reyes has been stressing over this party and I know it will be a blast. Raevyndaun woke up this morning ready to go to the party.  Cody spent the night Friday night but when he found out his mama was buying him the toy Bakugan he decided to head home.

Tyler got the phone and talked to me on it and he was so giggly He was running all over the place while he was chattering to me.  He is so adorable and he is finally wanting to hug and get kisses.  I have some little clothes for him and I can't wait to see him in them.  He is totally in his terrible 2's now but he is a cutie and not too bad at all.

I am working on a review for Smart E Bear. This cuddly bear can speak in 3 languages, English, Spanish and Chinese.  He learns the childs name and then sings to them.  It is similar to Teddy Ruxben from the 80's  but there is no hard batterypack all of his information is downloaded into a small packet of electronics and no matter how much you snuggle with these guys you can not feel the pack.
You download games songs and books and then the bear plays with the child. The music isn't electronic it is actually well known artists that have contracted with the Kids Preferred LLC. 
There is also a cat and a dog as well as the bear.
Yesterday I had 4 pages accepted. That was the most I have had accepted in one day.  I came in 9th place on a contest on Mahalo last week and that was from submitting 40 pages this month.  Between the swag and the prize money I have really been enjoying Mahalo. Getting positive feedback from people that have work I really respect is a nice feeling.  I know I talk about Mahalo alot but I find it such a positive release for me. A way to write and learn and grow and even get paid some.  How can I not be going on and on about it.
Angie and Kathy both reminded me not to be pulled in by the media frenzy on the H1N1.  I will resist getting the shot or worse the nasal spray vaccination.

Angie passed on some really good advice about the flu:
Wash hands often and stay clear of germ filled areas.
Then she reminded me not everyone that gets the flu is going to not survive it.  thank you both Angie and Kathy.

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  1. Thanks so much for coming to Bella's 1st Birthday party.