Friday, September 4, 2009

Ellis is moving

Ellis has found a house he can not only afford but he will be rewarded with rental credits for work her does on the house.
The house is in the Historic district called encanto and it is huge. Plenty of room for everyone. That in it's self is hard to believe.
The place is already looking so much better with just a few rooms painted and the floors polished.
The person that lived there before had no pride in the house. Repairs and tender loving care are really needed.
I will take my camera and post some pictures so you can see how it is going.
Ellis and all the children are back in school. January he will start either the CNA or EMT class and this will get him a 2 yeear contract with a local hospital which will get him familiar with workign with patients and dealing with the same staff he will eventually work with after he gets his Radiology degree.

I am working on my Mahalo pages and I think it is going well. I have 10 pages now and I really enjoy doing them.
click any of the widgets I put in here and come visit them. Feel free to click around on the ads and read the pages. I would love your feedback.
Did I mention Hurray it is Friday and a 3 day weekend? :) YAY!!!

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