Friday, September 18, 2009

3D ultrasound day!!

Today we get to see Sarah Katherine even though she isn't even born. Today is 3D ultrasound day. So as soon as Angie gets back she will post the pictures so that we can see that cute little face.
Now how would I know it is cute? Have you seen her other to handsome ( grandmama's can't call big boys beautiful even though in my head I do) Sons? Eyes faces and noses all beautiful. I can't wait to see.

I have been talking about Kenn and to those that do not know him this is Casey's soon to be husband. Might be a Halloween wedding :) but dont' tell her I said anything in case it is a secret :).  He has been so amazing to help me with so many projects and he gave me my Tattoo.  He is going to help me go Green!! They are living with me for  a bit while they get a little ahead. I love it because I love being around them and having a baby at the house is awesome.
Casey helps me so much and that has been so important to me lately. I have been a bit lonely and so having a little happy family makes the days and nights so much brighter for me.

Thankfully we are at the weekend. I am so ready. My ability to stay focused has been amazing today and so I am all caught up with my work and then some.  So Come on Weekend!!
Today I brought my I-pod with me to work and so I have been less restless listening to music.  So it does calm the savage beast.

Tomorrow is Talk like a Pirate day. I will be gathering up phrases and terms so that I do this World wide Holiday justice. Just warning you there should be a bounty of Pirate speak if I blog tomorrow.
I am off to research :)  If you have a blog invite me I would love to read it.

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