Thursday, September 17, 2009

little news from my ankle

Last night I got my first Tattoo. I love it. It is beautiful. It is a vine that wraps around my ankle with 3 heart charms dangling from it with Ellis', Angie's and Casesy's Birthstones.  The procedure was .... ummmm  different and a bit painful but not so painful that I forgot about wanting a tattoo toe ring.  All the Jewelry none of the allergies :)

At work no one has had anything but positive things to say about Kenn's talent.  He has talent and now everyone can see that!

I have pictures on facebook of the tattoo. As it goes all the way around my ankle it is impossible to show it all in it's entirety on one picture.  So let me know what you think. I will send pictures up here when I am home.

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