Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I went to sleep sleepy and I woke up sleepy. How strange a feeling that was. I have not felt sleepy in months. Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. Just a different thing. Well that passed fast enough. I am wide awake now. I got a beautiful yet very sad letter from Julie, expressing her pain.

Julie is grieving for her cat Aspen. She woke up to find he had passed during the night. She and Timber and Sydney are all feeling out of sorts and sad for this little friend they loved so much. He was given an egyptian style burial and I am sure he was appreciative of that. I really liked Aspen alot!

Milasia has taught herself to read and now there is no stopping her. She loves homework and writing and reading, She is way too smart for having just started Kindergarten one month ago.

The outdoor space is coming together and calling me to be outside with Casey and Kenn. Picking up some rock to fill in the space in the garden where the rain falls off the roof. Yes on occasion we do have rain. Now to decide what type of tree I want. I do not want a massive tree only a small type tree. Like an oraange or a fig. the orange can get sun damage and the Fig brings birds. I think I would rather have trees with birds than trees with sunburns. Another step is finding the outdoor fireplace for winter.

If I had a boat like Luis has, then I would be always outside. but since I do not I will add water features and a fireplace to my oasis. Think about it the water feature the plants and the little Cessna's flying overhead and a nice crackling fire and marshmallows for the kids. Ahhhh this is a good place to be right now.


  1. It's going to look so pretty when it's done! Poor Julie. and Milasia is so smart.

  2. Milasia is so very smart if they tested her I bet she would be promoted to 1st at least and maybe even 2nd.

  3. a great family story. enjoyed it.