Saturday, September 12, 2009

shared Mahalo and Gerry

Last night was the big poker night at Paul's (from work)house. A 4000 sq ft. house. Multi colored pool and game room that holds a pool table and then game tables. Kenn and Gerry loved it.
Maybe they will become inspired to give me some of the aminities they saw there. Any inspiration they find is fine with me.
They found some cards and beer and whiskey shots to keep them company and even the DD of the evening drank when they first got there. That's ok with me since he didn't drive home until 5 hours later. Well that's the official story any way. Kenn and Gerry finally were able to chat and it seems they get along really well. Kenn is one of the few people that got to see what I enjoy and like about Gerry. If he would relax and mingle, I believe people would see the real Gerry. I am looking at this as a turning point for us all.

Other excitement was at 1:00 am I see Reyes is on Mahalo. How awesome is that? When I woke up this morning I see she had hit Yellow belt. CONGRATS REYES!!

Casey found a beautiful stroller for Tyler to use on the Zoo Walk in October. I did not want to chase a 2 year old all over the Desert Zoo.

Yesterday I linked the Black eyed Peas and their Flash Mob,and I am still in love by the way.
Angie wrote me and said that they have an actual Flash Mob group where you are sent a meeting place and time and clothing instructions. I am diligently searching online for that here in Phoenix. Would I dance? You never know.

Meagan added me as a friend. I was so touched. She is just beautiful and I really was glad to know she remembered me. She and Casey were such close friends when they were little.

Laura has been located. I need to talk to her I haven't had a chance yet to really chat with her.
It is Saturday and I am up early and am aiming for a productive day.

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