Sunday, September 20, 2009


Diane is loving her retirement and wrote and funny that Kat and Diane both asked how much medicine I was talking.. LOL  Good thing I am not sensitive about it. 

I am still waiting on a picture of Angie while she is expecting.  Today we are moving some furniture around the house and I am feeling confident this will make the Living room feel larger.  
Actually found a solar skylight (DIY kit) for $169.00 instead of the $300.00 they said on Television. It is amazing that an 8 or 12 inch tube would let in such light. I will take a picture of my living room before I install it and after so I have it documented.  I am still very excited about the prospect.  
After watching the Wind Turbine DIY video and reading the instructions, Elllis thinks he will be able to help me with the wiring so that we can at least run the laptop while outside. Also run the pond pump.  The pond will be different from the 6x14x10 pond I dug in 1996. This pond will be totally above ground with rock surrounding. One step at a time.  
Solar tube 1st. 
Well back to the back yard to  help Casey. She has been working back there so hard and it is really satrting to take form.  We will be planting salad greens so that we can garnish our salads with them. Casey makes one mean chef salad.  They are simply  yummy :) 

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  1. Good luck on getting all your plans complete.