Wednesday, September 23, 2009

all good news :)

Casey is plannning her wedding. I am so excited for her because she is so thrilled. It will be a little untraditional as you would expect. She and Kenn are a pretty unconventional family.
Gerry is going to be involved in the wedding and I am so touched to know she asked him and he accepted to at her wedding. For them to get along means alot to me. So last night was pretty happy and emotional at the same time.
I earned over $200.00 with my Mahalo page creating and I am so excited. I can go as far as I want with them and make as much as I want. So this is becoming a dream come true for me.

Today Raevyndaun came to my work and she was perfectly awesome. She was happy and interested in everyone and everything. She is going to want to work in an office. I can tell already. She looked beautiful and smelled so good. Nothing smells better than a baby. She was creeping all over the table in the cafeteria. She was determined to get Gerry's hands. Her 2 teeth need something to be used on them at all times.


  1. A very busy Grandma.I am glad that your dreams are coming true. love Dad-

  2. Thank you Dad :) It is awesome for you to say that! I am working very hard at happiness.