Monday, September 21, 2009

Work Work work work

Monday is not too bad today. Decent workload and since I had such a busy hectic physical weekend, it is a bit boring.
Lucky for me I have my pictures of my garden to keep me company. Casey woke up all enthused about how it looks and made a few Mahalo pages to celebrate.  Thanks Casey for all the hard work you did. 

Gerry is going to call the HOA today and see if we have permission to paint our trim. You have to get permission orr they fine you. How strange is that.  Ding you for making the house look nicer. Weird. I hope so it needs a freshening up, a little sprucing up as it were. I want to go with a color that will accent the beige stucco and not make it look too uniform. So I am thinking about a nice Sage green.  If I have to go with a blue shade then I am nnot sure what to do. Blue is a bit 80's & 90's isn't it?  So I am going to start checking out houses.  If you see me outside your house, fear not I am just checking out your paint colors.

Filhinha escaped into the yard yesterday a few times, but she never left the enclosed back yard. So that was a comfort.   Not sure if you have seen the mahalo blag I do, but you are welcome to go visit it and see the websites I have been making and since I am actually being paid some for them it is a total bonus. Here is the link to the blog  and if you want to visit the pages, please let me know how you like them.  I would love your feedback. I am going to make it the best day I can. To help that along here is a picture from my albums.

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  1. I am very glad that you are feeling much better now.We enjoyed reading all of your reports on the things that you are involved in. Keep up the good work. Love dad---