Sunday, September 27, 2009

Elissa spent the night again last night. We are heavy into the planning of Casey's wedding. The Arizona Scream Park media guy wrote her back and he gave her an amazing price on the wedding. Sue Springer is going to perform the marriage forthem. She is a person I work with and Casey and Kenn will have to write their ceremony,vows and all.
So many plans going on in my head and this morning I woke up pretty over whelmed. We are going to look for dresses today.
Last night we made smores over the grill after Kenn Bar-b-qued.My big Mahalo news is that I made my first BIG how to page and it was accepted. It is the "How to Earn Experience points in Farmville".
Here is a little widget of that page.
So as you can see I was busy while I am all freaked out at the same time. I can totally get lost in the making of pages. To get paid is even better.
So feel free to go over and click around on the page and see what it is all about.
We are going to look for wedding dresses and so I am off.
thank you to Diane and everyone that sent ideas for the reception. You are all awesome. Keep sending the ideas. We need them!!

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