Thursday, September 10, 2009

Walkathon preparation

Reyes and I have started organizing the Zoo Walk for Autism. We have set a goal of 1000.00 and we sent out the invitations. I am going to get a stroller for Tyler and he is going to go on his first zoo walk. Lexi went with us last time and it was not as bad so I decided I would take more this time. Once we finish with our big 1 mile walk we can then tour the zoo at our leisure.

This is the chance for Bella and Raevyndaun to meet and have a day getting to know one another. I am sure the baby chatter will be awesome and non stop.
I believe Milasia will love it as much as Lexi did. I might take Lexi just to make sure Tyler is happy. Cody is never a handful he is always so relaxed and happy. I am sure he will know all about the animals and Milasia will read all the animals names.
I can't wait!!
Looks like Hillery will be joining us with her boys. So many people are responding with names of their autistic family members. It is amazing how many people are touched with this multi dimentional condition.
High functioning, Aspergers, Autistic, Turrets. So many different levels of Autism.
I guess you can see I am totally stoked for the walk. I will be grabbing a T-shirt for Martha :) Just a huge thanks in advance to anyone that participates in any way.

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