Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My cat had her kittens, one black and white, one grey and white and one solid black. Since we told her she was only allowed to have 1 or 2 babies she of course had 3. Cats are so stubborn and find a way to do everything in their own way.
 She found an almost empty cabinet in my bathroom to have them and so it has been like she has an apartment for them. No pups can open the door and neither can the 2 day old kittens.

Luis promoted my last hub so well that I had a huge number of hits on it. I wrote about my love of the Brazilian's and the guild that I am a part of.  The hubs are another place I can write and it allows me to have a bigger audience of strangers reading. Mom you will notice I smiled in this picture.  You can see my dimples.

This week has been spent on sprucing up my Mahalo existing pages and working on a bulk project. 13 pages so far on games that are available online for free. I am hoping for a good turn out and if you are curious, please check them out. Here are some widgets so you can click those and visit Mahalo.

Have you heard about Glue.  It is a great little assistant to see what others are loving on the Internet. I find that when I love something others come and visit and when they find something worth gluing I rush to check it out as well.

My Avon project is going pretty well. I went out today and met some of my neighbors and they seemed interested in the products and wanted the catalog. It is a little hard to spout off the web address while standing there at their front door.
Since the new catalog is online now I wanted to route some of them to it, so I hope they read it off of the back cover.
Jon ( Tony's Brother)  said that he got his order within 3 days of ordering. He was shocked it was that fast, but he lives near a hub.  He is a former Avon representative, I may ask him to reconsider selling it now that they do it online.  He was a very popular Avon rep. Gave up the business because he was spending too much time delivering his orders. Now that is where I would like to be in a few months :)

The Grammy's were amazing. Pink and her high flying act was amazing.  It was worthy of Vegas!
   The Michael Jackson Tribute song was enough to bring me to tears. First it dealt with the rainforest and second he died too young and then the song was so good.  so very good.  I am not the biggest Michael Jackson fan but I have grown up with him and I believe he was a very talented song writer and singer.

This has been my week and I would love to hear about yours.  So let me know what is new, amazing and fun in your lives.

My contribution to the Grammy 2010 coverage

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