Saturday, February 27, 2010

We had a great dinner with Ian and Beth. Mindy and Dan were there as well and it was a really fun evening.  We went to a place called San Felipes Cantina and the appetizers were great.Quesadilla and chicken wings. What a dinner!
Ian is looking at relocating over on this side of the ocean in the near future and I think that will be great. Beth is such a wonderful lady. She works so hard and her company is just a joy.
Mindy and Dan were fun as always.
Ian lives about 200 miles north of London so it is a beautiful accent that he has with a great sense of humor and just a very intelligent man. Beth is the hardest working woman I know. She is a teacher and works 3 part time jobs. Shew as gracious enough to spend her one off night with us and we loved it.  I totally enjoyed the evening. Gerry and I really had a great time.

I watched the catwalk shows of Prada and Armani last night and they were beautifully done.Milan doesn't get the same amount of press as NY Paris and London, but they do a wonderful job. Maybe it is because it is the established designers and not the up and coming ones.

Yesterday at work they celebrated Gerry's 10th anniversary with them.  Hard to believe he has been there 10 years already. Congratulations on staying that long Gerry.  Congratulations on not just staying but doing as wonderful a job as you do.  It is awesome to see how far you have made it there.

Have you ever had a day where a password refused to work for you? Even when you have had the same password for years and you know that the last 20 times you keyed it in, it was right? But the computer on the other end says login failed...  oh what a wonderful start to a day.  A day where I have to sit on the phone with customer assistance for an hour as I wait for one of them to become available. Yay  I was wondering what I was going to do this Saturday. thankfully my computer made plans for me.

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