Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Blogs of Fellow Mahalo Members

I have been visiting the sites of other Mahalo Members and they have some amazing sites to read and view.  Vlad has a wonderful gamers site. Vlad's blog It is all about the game pages he works so hard on.

Baka has a very interesting blog that he is about to move to another site but it is here for now and worth checking out.

 When I asked if anyone had a blog I was told to check this one out I did and now I pass it along to you,
thekoup28 has a very witty site.

I looked at Lidya's blog and I felt the stirrings of jealousy. Her's looks so professional and mine looks like it is a bit home made. Take a look and see if you agree

MaggieRay has a very very nice page which has a lot of information about cooking and some easy and great recipes I was happy to spend some time over there today reading.  Read what MaggieRay has written and enjoy.

EdwardClint has offered his page as a new blog and looking for traffic. He has political and interesting information on his blog.

so if you are in the mood for some blog jumping then hop from one site to the next and see just how diverse the Mahalo community is.

And perhaps you are wanting a free online game, then see if this reminds you of the good old early days of the Nintendo and duck Hunt.

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