Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Bad Bad - Half time show

The commercials made me laugh and they made me enjoy the hours that the game played. The one part of the festivities that  was terrible was the part where they let The Who come on  and totally ruin any memories I had of liking any of their music. It was too hard to watch. I left the room and tried to drowned it out with music from my computer. I was thinking that this is why retirement is something to embrace and admit when you are not longer the cool band that could harmonize.  We have moved past that and now so should they.
They have lost it if you asked me. I know I am not a singer, but they were singing at two totally different times. No way did they ever even sync up and make it worth listening to.

Maybe I am being too harsh, but it is late and I have thought about it a lot longer than I should have. Why do they keep getting these old acts that embarrass themselves.  With that said, I will admit the drummer seemed to be in tune and able to hold the beat,  and the light show of the stage was outstanding. So I leave this blog on a high note and Since I am spitting a little fire I will leave my insurance widget to keep it company.

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