Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fashion Designers

I have a new area I have been working in Mahalo. Fashion designers!  There are so many and wow, their style differs so much.  There is a designer named Holly Fulton and I really enjoyed her last collection. She showed it in London in September and it was featuring skyscrapers in geometric design.  What a beautiful collection it was.  Today I did a page on Todd Lynn and although I was not as in love with his creations, I could see why they are gathering a following.  If you can afford his clothing then you would certainly want people to notice them.  With horsehair coming out of the sleeve and metal cones coming up from the shoulder, I have no doubt that you will be noticed.  I love the showmanship of Todd Lynn but I just like the clothes of Holly better. 
Both are new as far as their own label, although Holly is so much newer than Todd. 

Todd has been designing clothing for Rock stars for about 6 years. When asked to design the video clothing for Marilyn Manson right out of college he agreed, and from there he blossomed into a tailor for the rock stars. He has even designed for Bono and U2's tour clothing. He is still on contract with U2 to design their clothes. 
Another designer that has really down to earth style is Matthew Williamson.  He is brilliant and not out of this world like so many others tend to be. I think you will like his work.
 He has his new label and it is amazing. He has been active in the Fashion Week for 10 years now so he is well known in these circles.  I can't wait to see this new collection. 

Holly has only had 2 seasons and she is about to present her third collection. I will be following her this season to see how she does. She has her catwalk show on February the 20th. This weekend all the catwalks will be busy. 
If you have a favorite designer that is showing in London let me know. I would love to see the different tastes of everyone. 

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