Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rainbows and gardens Spring is coming!

We had rain!!  Look out East side of America you will be next.  It was a beautiful rain that had a massive double rainbow for the people driving home from work to look at.
I have noticed that Arizona offers up rainbows many more times than I ever saw in Alabama.  sometimes the sky is just riddled with them. Yesterday there were just 2 massive rainbows and that was totally worth seeing. The sky then became vivid pink and then sunset was upon us.
So maybe we are in Arizona's version of April showers right here in February. If so I am going to get ready to plant. I am going to work on my raised garden this year.  I need it raised because for one reason, the dogs walk over my plants and are making my shrubs break. If I elevate it, then they will keep those muddy paws out of there. The soil being what it is here, this will allow me to have a better chance at a successful garden.

My insurance agent will not leave me alone. He wants to meet with me and I just know he wants to add more coverage on me and I am not looking for new coverage. Did someone contact him to tell him about the push over on 31st ave? I think they might have, he is pretty insistent that we meet. I keep cancelling the appointments and he keeps making new ones with me.  ARGH....
No one will believe what we did last night.  Gerry brought home Rock Star or Guitar hero.... one of those games and we all sang on the microphone.  Yes we have stay at home Karaoke night!!!!!  It was fun. We sang several song all of us but Casey and she is next.  She was cooking. ( I think it was planned that she miss it like that)  By the time she finished the mic was packed up and we were all exhausted.  No wonder all the stars suffer from exhaustion...  It is hard work, but it was fun.

Sarah Katherine went to the doctor for her check up and she weighed in at 8 pounds and 9 ounces. She is really growing like a weed. She is a petite little girl.  She was only 5 pounds at birth. That is a 3 pound gain in just 2 short months.  She also got her shots so she had a rough day yesterday.

Ellis has started his second year in college and he is taking Spanish and communications. He will be getting his associates degree in December and he is still maintaining his A average. I am very proud of his commitment to school and getting his degree. Once he has his associates he will start working on his bachelor and then he will be ready for Radiologist training.  That is what he his ultimate goal is.  There is a 2 year waiting list here for the Radiology program so he will work on his degree while he is waiting.  He has it all planned out and I am for one very proud of his achievements. Working a full time job while going to school full time is quite a commitment.

Casey's friend Lisa is going to be the newest Avon lady in Birmingham starting tomorrow.  So happy to get her started selling and now she will be out there providing samples and brochures in the age old tradition. An exciting time for a young lady to start with her very own business. She is so excited and is already making her contact list.  That is what will make her a success.

Wanted to let you know the kittens are doing fine and Filhinha is a great mother. She spends all her time with those babies.  She isn't one of those wandering off mothers that you see sometimes in the cat world. Her name, Filhinha means Daughter in Portuguese.

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