Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So when you think you have heard it all they come out with a new drug that was derived from gila monster saliva and it is an injection that addresses diabetes.  The drugs name is Byetta and it is administered in doses that you inject into your stomach.
The purpose of the medicine is to assist people with type 2 diabetes. 
I live in the Southwest but never did I think that they would produce a medicine from the spit of a gila monster. Have you seen those things? I mean they are very scary looking.  

Payday came from Mahalo yesterday and I was so happy to see that go into Pay Pal. I am paying a couple of bills with it this month so I was anxiously awaiting the deposit.  It was made exactly when it was promised.  Good work Mahalo! 
There is a few bugs on site today and I am hoping that is the cause of Casey's problems.  Other wise I might have to say something about how blatantly unfair their taking pages from people that are trying is when they leave bare pages up for months on those that do not even log in, 
But I will work this out since I think it is all part of the bug that is happening today. 
I watched some of the Olympic coverage of the pairs skating last night and it was magnificent. to watch them complete all the jumps and tosses.  It was just beautiful to watch these two compete.Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett were flawless in this performance.  She is just 16 years old.  What grace and poise she has at such a young age.

The Avon delivery should arrive in a couple of hours and then I am out to sell and get more customers. I have a few people that wanted me to stop back by so maybe I will have a couple of new people I can call my customers. That is the most fun part of Avon is listening to people when you bring them a brochure and they always tell me how much they love it
I think I will put the Mahalo Olympic TV listing for my widget this time., as a celebration of the amazing athletes that are there.

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