Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dinner plans

Our friend Ian is in town from England and so we are meeting he and Beth for dinner. It is a new place we have never been before so it will be fun going to a new restaurant and seeing this wonderful couple. He is only in town for about 6 weeks then back to his life across the sea until his next visit in the fall. They are an amazing couple to make this relationship work from two continents. They are so in love but their situation is one that makes it impossible for one or the other to move any time soon. It is always so sweet to spend time with them. Ian has some wonderful and funny stories I cannot wait to hear.

Tonight I have to get my Avon order ready to go in. I have one person I have to follow up with and then I will be able to put this order to bed.

I am going to work on an E-party with Angie so if you are in her address book, you will probably get an e-invitation. They are fun to do and simple. We will send out the email and she gets awesome amazing and wicked prizes. See how much fun it can be! You too can have an e-party and get awesome, amazing, and wicked fun prizes by simply hosting an online party. No one comes to the house and no one spills any drinks on the carpet. It is a win win and I am willing to help you host one. Just let me know when you are ready and I will do all the e-work. I love to put an e in front of my words. It makes me feel e-professional.

If you are like me, you are a bit shocked to hear that one of the most highly trained trainers at Sea World was killed by a killer whale today. I mean I guess forget they have the word killer in the title. Still they seem really well trained and then the wildness comes out.

Speaking of wild, we have the three little kittens and they are attempting to escape their bathroom sink home. They know we exist now and they want to come out and join us. The "mama" she is not too thrilled, but they are growing up and in only 3 weeks, we can find them loving homes and go back to being overrun by the other animals here.

Time to start planning that Alaskan cruise for this time next year. There is actually probably still time to fit one in for this year if you have a couple of free weeks this spring. It is my dream vacation.

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