Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today was the Burberry live fashion show. It was great. the look of the coats and dresses were beautiful. Kate Hudson, Mary Kate Olsen and  Mia Wasikowska, the actress from the new Alice in wonderland movie, were all there in the front row. Burberry did this show with interviews and even some locations had 3 D screening of the show.
Wow I can tell you with all this weeks shows live I have seen some really outstanding pieces and then there was the blue outfits that had blue dresses with blue rings around the center of the dress that was making them look like they had blue rolls around their waist. Very hard to describe and very hard to have watched.

So it seems to have warmed up enough in Alabama for a trip outdoors and Kathy was able to try out her Bow and Arrow.  She is now going to have to purchase a wrist guard because her arm has been all bruised from the string and arrow banging  into her forearm. First she drives a race car at over 100 miles an hour (in fact I believe it was close to 200 miles an hour) on Talladega's raceway and now she is learning to use the bow and arrow. She is such a daredevil.  She makes me proud to call her my friend. Me, I am struggling to leave the house again, and there she is out there mastering all these new skills.

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