Saturday, February 13, 2010

Broken hearted and touched during the Olympic Opening Event

My heart broke today for a 21 year old Olympian named Nodar Kumaritashvili a young man from the country of Georgia, that I had never even heard of before today. I was watching the news and to have seen him fly out of his luge and crash into that rail made me physically ill. He was so young and yes he was doing a dangerous sport, but never do we ever expect it to turn out so badly. I never have thought about the possibility of an Olympian getting killed either during the actual race or in a practice run at the Olympics.

Tonight when I watched the opening event and I saw how shocked and confused his team looked I was once again hit with such deep sympathy. That small contingent of Olympians came across the world to compete and now for one talented young man there was only one final run and now he is gone. The rest of the team have to find solace and peace within themselves.
I think that the moment of silence for him was a wonderful tribute to pay to his memory.

The Olympics opening event was absolutely breathtaking. I loved every moment of the extravaganza. And it was just  an extravaganza.  I loved K D Lang's version of Hallelujah. It was phenomenal.
The operatic prayer was just out of this world. It was a beautiful  song and the Dress was brilliant. I can not find her name anywhere so if you know it drop me a line. I want to know who she is.
I liked the performance of Sarah Mclachlan, and yet to be honest, I didn't know she was from Nova Scotia.

The Scenery, dancing, and the indoor snow made it just a beautiful performance. I loved the Totems and the whales coming up out of the floor. That was super spectacular. I was in love then they turned into birds that flew up out of the stadium. They really had some creative ideas and they all worked together. It was a beauty of a show.

Tomorrow they start the Olympic sports and I will be watching a good bit of them. I am all about the winter Olympics. One last thought about that young man comes back to me,  I hope that when it comes time for the actual luge event, they have some type of  pads up. I can not even imagine wanting to go out there and pass that spot where he crashed. Especially if I was on a sled flying down that track at over 90 miles an hour. It is just too soon and too horrible.

Below is a full schedule of what is on NBC for the 16 days.

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