Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My little Brother

Today is my baby brother's birthday. Happy Birthday Ray!!

If you were closer I would bake you a cake and sing happy birthday.

Ray is in Oregon and I have not seen him in several years now.  This is becoming the most common thread in my adult life.  I nver see my family that is now spread all over the USA. From Kentucky, to Alabama and Westward to Washington state and Oregon.
I was fortunate in getting Ellis and Casey to relocate here so I can selfishly see them all the time. I can't ask Angie to relocate, because she has an awesome life there in Kentucky and Tony has an excellent job. Casey was too young to have a carreer or a reason to deny my request that she move to Arizona. Ellis was ready for a move and I think it has been a good move for him and the family.
But I have not made it north to see Ray and Cheryl and I should do that. I miss them both and then when it is one of their birthdays I get all nostalgic for them to be in the same state with me.
Happy Birthday Ray one more time :)  since it is the big one, I wanted to make it special for you.

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