Friday, July 31, 2009

New blogs needed

I can't wait for Angie to start her blog here. This one is simple and then we can all stalk each others pages. Makes it very convenient.
Angie has the most obscure thought process so it would be absolutely a good read. I always enjoyed strolling over to the other Blog place for a read. Keeps me knowing what is going on in her life. This is how I found out about game night and other revelations.

Casey is still thinking about making one too. I think it is a good place to mark what was going on at any particular time. She is a new mommy and so alot is happening and she should write about it. She is here with the baby all day and sees all the new things Raevyndaun is doing. I say ~~~Casey take notes ~~~ :)

Reyes should make one too. I think she has a 9 month old daughter Bella and she would have alot to write about. Reyes brought Bella up to the office today and she is so beautiful. She has the cutest grin and even though she did not let me hold her, she did allow me to touch her fingers once.
Reyes told me today about her husband's twin brother holding Bella and when her actual dad walked into the room. It freaked Bella out!! She had thought her daddy was holding her not his identical Twin!!
Can you just imagine the confusion... Oh to have seen a video of that! It would have been priceless.

So see you all have things to blog about... and you know I would read it happily.

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