Monday, July 27, 2009

Visit with Steve

Steve drove up from Tucson on his motorcycle. It is a beauty!! Red and chrome.. He looks so much like the Steve I remember. His hair is longer, he said "dad told him once I moved out on his own I could grow it to his ass if I wanted to.. So he did!

We caught up on all the families as much as we knew. Sorry to hear that his dad passed away from Lou Gehrig's. I really thought alot of Mr. Salter. He was a large and tall man but he had the cutest snicker and he laughed a lot. I had forgotten about the motorcycle that he had. But it all came flooding back to me.. Names of neighbors I had not thought about in so many years. Remembering the bicycle trip of a lifetime coming down cherry bomb hill with no breaks... Was able to go 2.5 blocks before coming to a stop. I can still remember how mama looked on the porch thinking I was showing off by going so fast. That smile was more of a snarl if she had been able to see me clearly!!

A great visit. Memories of the band in the dungeon and the shower in the middle of the 2 story basement. We have decided that we should do some touristy things here in Arizona. I think that will be fun. So many things to see and I do better when it is planned than just getting up and going. I used to be the opposite.

But the day was totally fun.

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