Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weekend and Raevyndaun

Grandma and Casey worked Raevyndaun so much this weekend. We increased tummy time to about 45 minutes and added in sitting up with assistance. She holds her elephant and makes him rattle by slinging him up over her head and back down by her side. Sometimes he flies out of her hand and that seems to surprise her. Rae has the cutest little squeal she does when she is happy. Her mouth opens wide and her nose crunches up and then this squeal just comes tumbling out. It is adorable!!
She is attempting to sit up and tackle her little *beep* *squeak* and *whirl* machine. Now I doubt that is the official name.. but it is an apt description. I was holding onto the back of her little onesie while she sat up there whirling and beeping and squeaking and she was balancing herself.
It was amazing to watch that little body take that huge leap. She started grabbing with purpose last week and then she decided that she was tired of laying on her back and watching her toys work without her. Her feet can move the buttons when she lays on her back, but she loves it even more when she is sitting up in front of it reaching for all the color coded buttons that make their own unique sound.
And her most wonderful discovery of the weekend was that when the "Binky" is missing she has a build in one on her right foot!! That toe is just the perfect size and shape.

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