Thursday, July 23, 2009

Exhaustion and the escaping dogs

Sleep is not possible right now. 4:18 I go lay down. I have 2 hours and 12 minutes to sleep before work. No problem I fall asleep pretty quickly.

The alarm sounds and I get dressed. Sure there is morning stress as we try to get out the front door without the 2 Australian Shepherds Beau and Arrow flying out the door.

Too late we realize that in our slowness exiting the house the dogs have made their escape.

Now Kenn is a nice guy.. Casey loves him. Arrow loves him. Raevyndaun loves him and I admit I really think he is pretty awesome. Beau however, does not share this feeling for Kenn. They are arch enemies. Why? Simply Kenn reached down to pet Arrow and she jumped back from him because she didn't see him coming... Beau saw it and read into it that Kenn is secretly out to do these two some terrible harm. He looks at him with suspicion and glares at him and barking at him when he comes home from work. He will take treats frm Kenn and he will sit near him. He is just always alert lets not forget,He knows some things.

So Beau and Arrow have escaped and who does Beau find lurking near the car? KENN! He starts running. Fast and low to the ground, blind panic running with Kenn trying to catch him and Gerry looking at the clock saying.. we are going to be late... ohhh great we are going to be late. Nothing helps catch 2 dogs better than pointing out that you are not only in danger of having your dogs hit by speeding cars,, now you are going to be late for work. And it is gnawing in the back of my head as I a fast walking to catch Beau Kenn and Arrow that I have not had but 2 hours and 12 minutes sleep.
Arrow is confused and comes back just in time to see the car door open so suddenly she is up in the drivers seat. Looking very uncomfortable, she is very aware that this is NOT her usual seat.
The chase is continuing around the corner and down the side street. Kenn chasing a paniced Beau and totally ignoring my loud whistles and seems to have forgotten his name.. He is not listening to anything but his own terrified heartbeat.

2 blocks from home he spots a woman, a total stranger and goes over to her and submits. Lays on his back and tries to scoot upside down under the car. Kenn is still lurking somewhere and he knows it.

Ken grabs him and picks him up and starts heading back to the house. Beau is terrified dead weight and Kenn is not looking too happy with his morning. I am still trying to get to the place where the capture took place. I hear feet and when I turn around here comes Arrow coming to check on everyone... She seems to have learned how to leave the drivers seat. She sees me, but she hears someone else across the street and off she goes to check out the sounds, barking and in no way acting like she knows it is 7 am.
The woman that Arrow has found decides we all look suspicious so she begins to yell at me while I am picking up the 45 pound Arrow from the middle of the street where she decided to submit and roll on her back.
"Hey! Are those your dogs"? " Hey, were they chasing cats"? "Are you sure those are your dogs" I just threw her a not so neighborly look over my shoulder and shifted Arrow to keep her from hitting the ground.
My heels clicking on the pavement and my wheezing from exertion and one whimpering RedTri are the only sounds now heard.
I plop Arrow on the sidewalk and grab her ear and marched her home.
Did I mention this was 30 minutes after waking up from my 2 hour and 12 minute sleep.
We get to the car and head to work and we are Not late. As I park the car I seem to remember Gerry getting the same look as the curious neighbor and I do not regret either look. In my opinion they both deserved it.

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