Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ellis and Jessica went to the Grand Canyon

They came over last night and told me abou ttheir trip. It sounds like they had a wonderful time with the whole family. They walked down into the canyon some then the trip back up to the top took 90 minutes. It was probably a good thing they did not push on farther.

They stayed in one of the Cabins inside the Grand Canyon and really loved the view. Once Ellis realized the kids were trying to toss pebbles over the side he explained to them that "there are people 1 mile down and you can kill someone" about that time... Something hit him in the head. He saw stars and wobbled and looked down to see what bolder had hit him and there was a still spinning half eaten apple on the ground in front of him.

Now how unfair is that ... he stopped his kids from beaning someone in the head.. only to be beaned in the head by half eaten food!!!

There is a bus that takes you from one scenic spot to the next and you have a five minute period before the next bus comes and moves you along the rim. I posted one of the awesome pictures he took.

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